Original article from the minutes of the SBCC Board of Trustees.

Dean Nevins spoke on the 10 years of service of Soheyla Javanbakht. Soheyla started with us about10 years ago, she is actually a product of SBCC and she has made herself an indispensable part of our educational mission. She has done that with a constant focus on students and student success. Soheyla has gone out of her way to work with difficult students and has done so in such a manner that sometimes they won’t talk to anyone but Soheyla. Soheyla has also modeled successful student behavior by going back to school and getting her masters degree in CIS to further aid students. Soheyla has constantly improved herself, improved her approach to students and improved her contribution to our department. Very happy to see Soheyla recognized in this manner. Super intendent/President Serban presented Soheyla with a Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of the Board of Trustees.